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The Best Interlude GvE Server
Safe:10 - Max:16
No Custom
Vote Reward(Adena)
Change Flag-(200-Adena)
Enchant Rate %90 .
For More Information : [ Features ]

Welcome to L2 Good vs EviL! Consider yourself lucky since you've just found the BEST private Lineage server.
We are constantly in development and have an assload of working features.
Not to mention VERY active GM and DEV teams.
If you enjoy the server, be sure to vote daily!
Our kind regards,
Lineage II GvE Team.


***Updates 30/5/2013***

RaidBoss Tower Has Been Reaveled!
13 Special Raidbosses On Each Floor Of tower of Insolence Are Waiting You!
Baium Lord Of The Tower Is Waiting to proove Your Real Courage and Strength!

***Updates 30/5/2013***

New Patch Has been upload it Download it now HERE: L2GvE Mediafire

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